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Advantage route

air transport:  
AA American Airlines Wide-body passenger aircraft; North America, Central and South America; direct flight ORD and LAX
AM Mexico Airlines Wide-body passenger aircraft; Central and South America; direct flight MEX
9W India Jet Airways Wide-body passenger aircraft; India, Middle East; MU brought to SIN to 9W aircraft, intermodal service
PR Philippine Airlines Wide-body passenger aircraft: Southeast Asia, Australia, direct flights to Manila, transit points Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Bangkok, cheaper
NX Air Macau Narrow-body passenger aircraft: Southeast Asia, direct flight to Macau, Bangkok, Incheon price advantage, pallet size limit: 150*140*110
EY Etihad Airways Headbound B747 Freighter: Middle East, India and Pakistan, direct flights to Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Delhi, Dhaka, Madras, Middle East, India and Pakistan are points of advantage
NH All Nippon Airways Passenger and cargo aircraft have Japanese line Europe and the United States line (only heavy bulk cargoes must be placed in the chemical industry), the density of the flight is large, the load is large, the service is good.
CA International Airlines (Japan Line) Freighter, japanese line
 AZ Alitalia Wide-body passenger aircraft; Europe, Africa, Central and South America; MU brought to NRT to AZ aircraft, intermodal service
SU Russian Airlines Cargo load is large, 2/5 flights a week direct HHN, continuous truck service, can tray, liquid
Passenger aircraft has a high density of flights, two flights a day to MOW, continuous passenger service, can be connected to a small tray
OZ Asiana Airlines (Europe and America) And KE is complementary to aviation, 2 routes directly to Europe and the United States, the price is relatively good compared to KE service, do not eat and throw 2 will catch
W5 Iran Mahan Airlines The only Iranian direct flight, good service, medium price!
PO American Airlines Mainly operating all over the United States and South America, head-to-head freighter flights to Los Angeles and Cincinnati
DL Delta Airlines Mainly engaged in the United States, Canada, the direction of small goods, heavy goods can apply for specials, passenger flights
TG Thai International Airlines Airliner Southeast Asia Australia Europe Direct flight BKK
Company name 中文简写 英文缩写
1. Australian National Shipping Company 澳国航运 ANL
2. US President Ships Pte Ltd 美国总统 APL
3. Bangnai Shipping Co., Ltd. 邦拿美 BNML
4. Baltic Shipping Company 波罗的海 BOL
5. China Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. 中波 C-P
6. South American Mail Company 南美邮船 CLAN S.A.2
7. South American Chilean National Shipping Company 智利航运 CCNI
8. China-Japan International Ferry Co., Ltd. 中日轮渡 CHINJIF
9. Tianjing Shipping 天敬海运 CK
10. CMA CGM 达飞轮 CMA
11. Jinghan Shipping Co., Ltd. 京汉海运 HEUNG
12. China Ocean Shipping Container Transportation Co., Ltd. 中远集运 COSCO
13. Chaoyang Merchant Shipping Co., Ltd. 朝阳商船 CHOYANG
14. Damao International Shipping Company 达贸国际 DELIMAS
15. German Victory Shipping Company 德国胜利 SENATOR
16. Egypt International Shipping Company 埃及船务 EIL
17. Evergreen Marine Co., Ltd. 长荣海运 EVERGREEN
18. Far East Steamship Company 远东轮船 FESCO
19. Blonde Shipping Co., Ltd. 金发船务 GFNG
20. Haozhou Shipping Company 浩洲船务 HCSC
21. Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. 韩进海运 HANJIN
22. Hong Kong Shipping Company Limited 香港海运 HKMSH
23. Hong Kong Minghua Shipping Co., Ltd. 香港明华 HKMW
24. Hapag-Lloyd Shipping Co., Ltd. 赫伯罗特 HAPPAG-LLOYD
25. Modern Merchant Shipping Co., Ltd. 现代商船 HYUNDAI(HMM)
26. Shanghai Hailong Shipping Co., Ltd. 海隆轮船 HNT
27. Jinhua Shipping Co., Ltd. 金华航运 JH
28. Kawasaki Steamship Co., Ltd. 川崎汽船 K'LINE
29. Korea Shipping Corporation 高丽海运 KMTC9
30. Seven Star Steamship Co., Ltd. 七星轮船 SSCL



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