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What can informationization bring to logistics companies?

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What information technology can bring to logistics companies, I believe that logistics people want to know the answer. In general, cost reduction, increased core competencies, and smooth process flow are the most common benefits. However, due to the limitations of the logistics enterprise itself, relying on the industry, the information base, the corporate governance structure, the entrepreneurial ability, etc., the interest that informationization can bring to the logistics enterprise also varies from enterprise to enterprise.

Reduce logistics costs

Whether it is enterprise logistics or logistics enterprises, how to optimize the allocation of their own logistics resources, how to implement management and decision-making, in order to bring the greatest benefits with the least cost, is one of the most important issues. Unlike other systems, a large amount of information in a logistics system not only fluctuates with time, but also depends on meteorological and economic conditions and is unstable. Therefore, logistics management and decision-making operations and activities require real-time analysis of various conditions and give the best implementation in the shortest time. Such as matching, packing, transportation resource use, transportation route selection, work plan development, staffing arrangements, inventory quantity decisions, demand and cost forecasting, system control, etc., all require optimization or intelligent planning. In the logistics information management system, the intelligent planning theory and method are consciously utilized to realize the optimization and intelligence of management and decision-making, and the most reasonable use of limited resources can achieve the maximum economic benefits with minimum consumption. According to the data, in 2006, China's total social logistics expenditures accounted for 18.3% of GDP. Based on China's GDP in 2006, China's total social logistics costs in 2006 were 3.8 trillion yuan. If China's logistics costs are reduced by 1%, each year will be The savings of 38.3 billion yuan, so the space and potential in this area is huge.

Internationally, many advanced logistics enterprise management systems apply modern science and technology and mathematical methods and methods, using mathematical models and mathematical tools to make decisions, forecasts and controls on corporate logistics activities, and thus achieve truly effective scientific management. Through the introduction of various optimization models, advanced logistics management software has achieved good application in vehicle loading, transportation route optimization, storage optimization and other aspects, directly bringing economic benefits to customers. For example, in terms of vehicle route optimization, statistics show that reasonable arrangement of vehicle routes can help users complete the original work with 60%-70% of the original resource vehicles and manpower. Therefore, logistics informatization can bring the greatest benefits at the lowest cost.



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